Install ExaGear Desktop

Now you need to purchase Exagear, open your browser at


click “Get my ExaGear Desktop”, next select the version applicable to your Pi, fill in your email address then click [Buy Now] and follow the instructions to complete the purchase. Your licence key will be emailed to you together with the download link.


  • Run install script to install and activate ExaGear:
  • Copy your “Exagear Key File”(it is an attachment in the email e.g. pk-0000xxxx.key)  to the Downloads folder where ExaGear has been extracted to.
  • In a terminal window
  • cd ~/Downloads
  • sudo ./install-exagear.sh
  • This script installs the guest x86 image that best fits your host operating system.


  • Install Wine:
  • In a terminal window
  • exagear (You will now be in the x86 environment)
  • sudo apt-get install wine (follow the prompts)

Once it installs

Type ‘exit’ then type ‘reboot


RaspberryPiPi_SetupWinsdrWinquakersn_client_ Exagear